Tango Fiesta

Tango Fiesta was created in 2008, and quickly established itself as the leading Tango Company in Dublin. Kristina and Julian are proudly sponsored by The Argentinian Embassy in Ireland and in Argentina and also by The Art’s Council of Ireland. They are honored to be the dancers selected by the Argentine Embassy in Ireland to perform at all their events, galas and shows. These include the Grand Polo event in the Phoenix Park, the Admiral Brown Celebration, the Longford-Westmeath Asado and the main stage at the RDS for the Annual Charity Bazaa .

Kristina and Julian have vast experience performing on national and international TV. They have danced on countless TV shows including, The Late Late Show, The Morning Show, Don't Tell the Bride, The View, and The Afternoon Show. They have also featured together in many films and music videos. Their most recent video with the band Grace Wilde was the proud winner of the best music video award at the 2015 International Dublin Film Festival. Their other videos have been watched by over 4 million people on YouTube alone.
Kristina and Julian have recently been asked to partner with RTE for the historic 1916 Rising celebrations. This event, which was the biggest and most spectacular cultural event ever to take place in Ireland, showcased Tango Fiesta classes and performances throughout the entire day.

As choreographers, Kristina and Julian have an extensive resume. They were chosen by the producers of Riverdance, to create the routine “Tango Nuevo" for their new worldwide hit show Heartbeat of Home. Their routine traveled all over the globe, receiving rave reviews and featuring on the Heartbeat of Home DVD. As part of their association with the top stage show, Tango Passion, they were chosen to be the judges on Ireland’s first televised Tango competition on TV3. They were overjoyed when the public awarded two Tango Fiesta Students, Ignacio and Rosa with the first prize.

Kristina and Julian have taught at all levels all over the world. They are passionate about sharing tango with as many people as possible. They have been selected by the European Commission to take part in a special study of the effects of tango dancing on health and well-being. They are deeply committed to helping each and every student progress to their fullest potential. They focus on fundamental technique and musical expression, employing clear teaching methods that adapt to the unique needs of every dancer. Making tango joyful is a major priority for them. They create a warm, friendly and inclusive atmosphere in class. Kristina and Julian welcome you to start your tango journey with them and would love for you to become part of their ever-growing tango family.

Kristina Chaloir

Kristina has studied creative and performing arts since she was six years of age, winning scholarships, awards, and bursaries to prestigious schools and universities all over the world including the Conservatoire, Paris, the Guildhall School, Julliard School, the Royal Academy and Trinity College Dublin. Kristina studied dance to professional level graduating with Master's degrees in Choreography and Theatre direction. She created her own dance theatre company in Paris, which was both a critical and popular success, before turning her attention to her great love, Tango. She has taught all over the world, developing a dance that is feminine, lyrical and passionate, combining excellent technique with a deep musical awareness.
Kristina has been fortunate enough to study with some of the greatest Maestros of Tango including the legendary Esther and Mingo Pugliese,
Pablo Veron and Geraldine Rojas. She is passionate about sharing this wonderful and unique lineage with her students in Ireland.
Kristina was honored to partner the great Pablo Veron for 6 series of workshops from 2013-15 and was delighted to introduce his method to her own students in Dublin.

As well as her many dancing accolades, Kristina has studied Pilates (Original Studio and Fletcher Pilates), Yoga (Hatha and Kundalini), Feldenkrais, Somatics, Franklin Method, Chi Kung and several other body conditioning disciplines to a professional level. She runs regular body conditioning workshops throughout the year, focusing on posture, core technique and alignment. These popular seminars are designed to assist her students to achieve maximum relaxation and flexibility in their dance and elegance and ease in their movement.

Kristina is deeply passionate about the musical component of dance. She has a Ph.D. in music and has performing and teaching diplomas in 3 instruments.

Julian Brigatti

Julian was immersed in Theatre training from an earlier age. Having a natural aptitude for all types of movement, he gravitated towards Tango and began a passionate love affair with the dance that has only intensified with time. He studied exclusively with Maestros Esther and Mingo Pugliese in his hometown of Buenos Aires. Esther and Mingo were key exponents of the beautiful Golden age of Tango, creating many elements of the dance we love today.

Julian excelled as their student and after a short period graduated into becoming their assistant and apprentice. He worked alongside these legendary dancers and teachers for several years, representing them in the prestigious La Escuela Argentina de Tango. Julian's dance is dramatic, rhythmical and masculine. He has a deep love of the music of the golden age of tango and excels at interpreting the genre.

Julian has taught extensively in South America and Europe. He has performed, taught and choreographed in many European countries including Spain, Germany, Croatia, France, UK, Portugal, and Ireland.

With his dance partner, Kristina, Julian has created a proprietary system to help people suffering from neurological issues. This unique method fusing tango technique with original co-ordination exercises is the subject of an upcoming movie. Read more about The Chaloir/Brigatti Method