Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the questions that we get asked regarding our tango classes

What should I wear to my first class?

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and at ease. Most often people come in the clothes they happen to be wearing that day, without changing before class. If you wish to check out our class gallery photos, this will give you a sense of what most people wear to class: Click here

For shoes it is best to avoid running shoes as these stick to the floor and tend to impede movement. Later on in your tango journey, you will probably buy some tango shoes.There is a huge range of tango shoes available. We will guide you to the appropriate choice as you progress.

Can I join without a partner?

Yes, absolutely!

In fact, almost everyone who comes to class attends without a partner.Tango is an improvised dance, so it is important to be able to dance with many different people. We rotate partners after every tango, so there is no problem with partners.

We aim to create a very warm environment here at Tango fiesta and after a few classes, you will get to know everybody and make friends. This makes the class even more fun.

However if you are planning to come to the class with a partner, this is also no problem. We understand if you would prefer to stay together for the whole class.

What happens in the class?

We begin with a gentle warm-up, followed by co-ordination exercises that help us get the feel for the movements and the music. Then we will start dancing, focussing on technical elements, steps and sequences

We will clearly show the ladies role and the leader’s part. We will work with you individually as you are dancing.

At the end of the class, we will demonstrate the movements learnt and we will improvise these figures to music.

How do I know my level?
If you have danced before: check the guide below.
It is a general guide to finding the perfect class for you.
If in any doubt, come to either of us at class and we will guide you to the best level for you.
Absolute Beginners- No experience 0-5 months
Beginners 6months-1 year
Improvers 1year-1.5 year
Intermediate 1.5 year- 2 years
Advanced 2 years plus
Can anyone learn to dance?
We believe that everyone can dance. If we had a euro for every time a student told us they had two left feet, we would be millionaires. Many students who were very nervous at first now dance regularly and attend advanced classes, milongas and festivals,

Most people are a little insecure about dancing at first, but within a few weeks, they are enjoying class and gliding across the dance floor easily and effortlessly. Sometimes people believe that dance should come naturally and if they are not absolutely perfect in the first class, then that means that they have no aptitude for tango. This is a very unfair pressure. No one expects to play a Beethoven piano concerto after one class. Exactly the same principle applies to dance.Tango is an art form and needs to be explored and enjoyed .

Everyone can dance with a little training and time, and we want to help you as much as we can.
Where can I shop for shoes?
Unfortunately there is no store in Ireland that stocks Tango shoes.
on Parnell Street ( 2 minutes from the Pillar Room) stocks some nice ballroom dance shoes that are perfectly acceptable for using in tango class at the beginning. Buying here means that you can try the shoes on and ensure a perfect fit.
Otherwise all the options are online.
For ladies - there is a huge world out there of truly gorgeous shoes.

Comme il Faut shoes (very nice fit if your 2nd toe is longer than your big toe) are often described as the Manola Blaniks of tango. They come in a range of beautiful colours and styles. Lisadore is an online stockist of Comme il Faut. They are based in Holland. They are a very reliable company and ship quickly. Comme il Faut tends to suit ladies with a narrow foot. They also stock a wide range of shoes for men.
Also very popular are Neo Tango shoes
(ideal if you have a long big toe, ladies) These are pretty shoes that are an average width. This site is based in France. They are also reliable. Shoes arrive to Ireland within a week. They are medium fit. They stock shoes for men and women.
Turquoise shoes are gaining in popularity all over the world.
These shoes are heavier than the other brands and suit women with a much wider foot. They have lovely designs. Reliable and fast shipping.
What is a milonga?
A milonga is a tango party, where you can dance to music and get to know other students. This gives everyone the opportunity to practice what they have learnt during the week in a friendly inclusive environment. Relax with a tea or coffee and enjoy the special tango atmosphere. We host a beginner’s milonga every Friday and the Saturday milonga every 2nd Saturday.
What is the average age of student?
This is a very interesting question. There isn’t really an average age. We have many students who are in their twenties and just as many in their sixties and seventies and every age in between.

Tango can be danced at any age. If you visit the milongas in Buenos Aires, you will see that many of the most respected dancers are over seventies. Some are dancing well into their nineties and beyond. Check out the Chaloir/Brigatti Method page to see how many anti ageing benefits come with tango.
Tango is a dance for everyone. Recently we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to teach tango to young children. It was a wonderful experience. The children were really open to the dance and learnt the dance at lightning speed. They even gave a little performance at their end of term show. It was great fun. We were so proud of them.
So, in conclusion, tango is for everyone of every size, shape or age group.
How many classes will I need?
How long will it take to learn to dance?

This is another interesting question.

Tango is a beautiful dance and it takes a lifetime to understand it in depth and dance it at the highest level.

But if you want to learn tango as your hobby and become a good social dancer, we have classes for every level.

Within a year you will be feeling confident to dance at the milongas (tango parties) and be able to enjoy the night without worrying about your posture, balance or steps.

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