Wedding Choreography

Your first dance is a beautiful symbol of your new life together.

We love helping couples to create this special moment.

We have worked with hundreds of couples and it is one of the favorite parts of our work.

Every couple is completely different and we love tailoring the routines to suit the unique styles and abilities of the dancers.

Perhaps, you have a special song that is important to you both. We can choreograph to this music or suggest a tango alternative if you prefer.

Almost everyone who comes to us for first dance training has little or no experience with dance. Do not worry. We aim to take the stress out this aspect of the wedding, by creating a wonderfully special routine to complement your big day. 

How many lessons do I need to create my routine?

This really depends. We have had couples who want to create spectacular routines with jumps and lifts and figures, but also couples who prefer something much more simple and elegant. It is entirely up to you.

Most people will require at least 5 classes to learn a 2-minute routine and perform it with confidence.


Tango Fiesta - Don't Tell the Bride 2015

Make your first dance a magical moment.

Wow your family and friends on your special day

Tango is the perfect first dance. It expresses the passion and excitement of real love. It is both intimate and dramatic. Contact us today for more information about our first dance special offers.